80s Alert: Vin Diesel's Production Team Is Making A 'Miami Vice' Reboot

After the return of old school heroes like genius special agent MacGyver and the chill cops in Lethal Weapon, another icon of the eighties might be about to rise from the ashes: Miami Vice.

Created in 1984 by Anthony Yerkovich and executive produced by Michael Mann, the crime series followed the investigations of two Miami detectives named Sonny and Ricardo.

For five consecutive seasons, the detective duo tried to rid the streets of Miami of crime, corruption and drug trafficking. 

From the kitschy logo and new wave culture of the show, to the flashy clothing and decor, everything in Miami Vice is dripping with 1980s style. It's no surprise Vin Diesel is into its aesthetic. 

According to Varietythe Fast and Furious actor's production company One Race Television is teaming up with Chris Morgan productions to create a reboot of the classic NBC show. 

While Chris Morgan wrote the scripts for all six Fast and Furious movies, the pilot for the Miami Vice reboot will be penned by Peter Macmanus, and will be based on the original series.

You might recall that Sonny and Ricardo came back to life once before in the 2006 Miami Vice film starring Jamie Foxx and Colin Farrell. The tone of the film was much darker than in the series. 

Given the vibe of the Fast and Furious franchise, we have a feeling this series reboot will tend toward being action-packed and exhilarating rather than dark like the film.

(Photo: Miami Vice)

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