What is Konbini?

Konbini is a pure-player media as well as an advertising agency that has been successful in creating creative contents and curating projects launched all over the globe. For over 5 years, our mission has been to spread original initiatives and positive ideas to our audience, providing them fresh and valuable things to know every day.

Let’s share what you find inspiring on Konbini with your community to help us pop the world and bring more freedom.

What does "konbini" mean?

“Konbini” is the Japanese word for a convenience store, which commonly offers a large array of products and is open 24/7. Just like an online convenience store for entertainment, anytime you visit, wide selections of shows are instantly available to enjoy and share.

Are you Japanese then?

No we are not. Konbini’s staff gathers international influencers, most of them coming from France or the United Kingdom. Our offices are in Paris, London, New York and Mexico. Feel free to pop by if you are around!

Who are you guys?

We are true creativity lovers. Our founders, David Creuzot and Lucie Beudet made the crazy bet 5 years ago to build a platform that would promote international creativity. They teamed up with young and talented artists and created Konbini so that we could all read, watch, talk and share our passion.

What can I do with Konbini?

Plenty of things! But it depends on what you are looking for. First of all, you can find on many interesting and creative topics to share with your friends. We are an inspiration-driven source of pop culture and aim at making this world a funnier and freer place.

If you want to help us achieve this goal, you are more than welcome. Many of Konbini daily readers are also contributors: they help curating all the cool and creative stuff of the Internet and we offer them the opportunity to talk about it!

You may also find on our online shop, the Konbini Pop-Up Store, super cool products to please you. We propose each month ephemeral sales with nice articles coming from the brands which inspire us and great collaborations we could have worked on.

If you are a brand and if you are ready to work with us, there are two things you can do:

1)      Advertise with us: you are looking for a targeted and engaged audience? Advertise with us and be sure to reach an international, influential and loyal community. We can offer you special operations, editorial treatment or display campaign to participate to your brand’s exposure on digital.

2)     Take a step further with our agency: Konbini Agency has been successful creating creative contents for international brands. Thanks to our knowledge of digital and social mechanisms, we create advertising-to-share and 360 communication strategies. Our specialities includes: integrated advertising campaigns, digital design & development, creative & brand strategy, social media marketing, viral marketing & brand entertainment, digital influencer networks, integrated production, live action, animation and post.

Visit our agency website to discover who our clients are and the wonderful projects we have worked on:

Wow, that's impressive ! So you are a media AND and agency... Isn't is odd?

That’s not odd at all! You get it right, and we are very proud of inaugurating this new model. We think creativity lies out of the box so we found solutions to integrate a new process of creation: we make artists, brands, and audiences meet everyday.

The result is indeed impressive: more and more people are interested in the creativity we talk about on We reach one million unique visitors every month. Brands are also more and more fond of the young talents we find and work with.

Ok but how can I know you are not using your media for your agency clients and polluting my ride on

Don’t worry we cannot cheat! Our media is run by the ones who would run any media: true journalists. Our agency is run by… agency people! Meaning strategists, coordinators, commercial executives and digital experts. The only bond existing between our media and our agency is our creative department and, obviously, our love of creative and cool stuff!

I want to work with you! How can I do that? 

Nice! Ok, first of all, write us an e-mail at or and explain who you are, what do you like and what is your project.

Then, come visit us! There is nothing like a real conversation with a cup of coffee or tea. We will talk about you, about us and about how we can collaborate together.

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