The Morning Nugget : Everlasting by Jai Paul #8

Every morning we will talk about an upcoming artist, a brand new track, an unmissable acoustic video, or simply something we really fell for while wandering on the internet. Today, British producer Jai Paul releases a free mixtape.  

jai paul

Within the last few days we’ve had had several interesting album or track releases; more or less expected. When it comes to British singer and producer Jai Paul, deep inside we were not really expecting what we have today; but it dosen’t really matter right? He really impressed everyone with his last two singles: BSTSU, out in 2011 and Jasmine, out in 2012 (both via XL Recordings). Both these tracks rapidly promoted him as a music phenomenon within the English music industry; yet we are still waiting for his debut album. And it isn’t what we’re talking about today.

Instead, the London born producer shared a mixtape titled Everlasting which is full of unreleased music nuggets. It is downloadable for free here. Album-wise well, we don’t know more about it. Time will tell if our music genius’ upcoming album will match the great expectations everyone has about him.

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