Britain’s finest bands gathered : Hot Chip remixes Foals’ My Number

Good music business is kept within the English family! After calling upon Oxford-based producer Totally Extinct Enormous Dinosaurs to remix their catchy track My Number, Foals have now asked another British institution to do it: Hot Chip. Bloody hell mates!


Oxford’s five-piece just released their third full-length album Holy Fire on February the 11th and it has been really well received by the Press and fans. Last night, BBC Radio 1‘s host Zane Lowe debuted their single My Number remixed by legends Hot Chip. It is cheerful, fresh and dancing. The original track is already very rousing but in this one, the remix masters have added some electronica synth lines and in the end, it sounds more like an edit rather than a remix. Pleasurable anyway.

Foals : The Auto-interview

When Foals played amazing intimate show at La Maroquinerie in Paris last december, they took the time to answer our questions through our auto-interview concept. Watch it below and you will then find out about what they’re afraid of or addicted to; the weirdest gifts they received from fans etc… Lead singer Yannis Philippakis and bass player Walter Gervers accepted to play the game.

Foals already started touring, check the dates here.

Source: detailsofmylife 

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