New crowd-funding site Beat Delete launched to repress long-lost vinyls

Initiated by a Ninja Tune employee, and supported by the Indie label itself amongst others, Beat Delete offers to re-press out-of-print vinyls with a crowdfunding process. Some of these vinyls were gone for too long or too confidential to have a financial interest by being normally re-pressed.

This project was initiated due to a tragic event in the independent music industry. On august the 8th 2011, during the notorious London riots a warehouse was burnt to the ground in Enfield, north London. This building belonged to PIAS, the primary distribution hub for more than 150 independent labels; within the inventory nearly 25 million cds and vinyls, which included music treasures, went up in smoke.

This loss is even more detrimental as it will never be replaced. Some pieces were ancient, forgotten about or too confidential and will cost too much to be re-edited by the low budget indie labels concerned. Some of these fantastic pieces would never again be available physically.

Beat Delete : aims to preserve musical memories

The idea started in the Ninja Tune office trying to find a solution to fix this monumental loss. Even though the indie label was much respected and had a financial viability it was impossible for them to take in charge this entire huge music catalog to re-press. The idea was inspired by the Kickstarter method: based on the web users financial support. The Beat Delete project was then launched and quickly got supported by independent stakeholders such as Domino or Brainfeeder.

The principle is the same as the usual crowd-funding one; once the client have found an item they like through the sites list of out-of-press albums and singles, they can make an order, once the order threshold is reached the record label will repress that product and post it out.

Beat Delete

Capture d’écran du site de Beat Delete

It is working. Little time after the launch, several order thresholds are about to be reached. The first one is the double LP re-edit of Daniel Dumile aka. MF DOOM aka. DOOM aka. King GeedorahTake Me To Your Leader. Followed by Ninja Tune‘s pets Mr. Scruff or Amon Tobin, grime golden kid Roots Manuva, and Diplo‘s first album Florida.

King Geedorah feat. MF DOOM & Mr. Fantastik – Anti Matter

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