This Goldfish Is Now World's Tiniest Wheelchair Owner

Once upon a time there was a poor little fish who had such problems in his swim bladder, he almost could not swim. He was always found at the bottom of the tank, disoriented and sometimes even swimming face down.

After an attempt to change his diet and the tank water was unsuccessful, his owner brought him to his friend Derek, a man who happened to work in San Antonio aquarium. As the bladder condition had no cure, Derek had the inspired idea to build him a type of wheelchair to aid his balance in the water - and it worked!

Taylor Dean, a YouTuber who makes animal videos and friend of Derek, documented the story on twitter and in the process made the goldfish and his knight in shining armour famous.

Derek's invention was a success and now the little fish can swim happily alongside his other aquatic friends. He doesn't know it but he's now a global internet star; Taylor's post already has more than 80,000 likes. To satisfy avid fans of the "wheelchair fish" Dean shared an update of the story showing in which he'd made a small adjustment to his wheelchair and the goldfish was swimming better than ever:

The goldfish and his saviour Derek made a special cameo appearance in this Saturday on Taylor's Youtube channel in a tutorial showing how to construct the wheelchair - so a happy ending for all!

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