The Chicken Connoisseur Reveals He'll Be Backing Jeremy Corbyn

Since the announcement of the snap general election due to be held on June 8, many British cultural kingpins have spoken out about which political parties and party leaders they support.

UK grime artists including Novelist and Stormzy have been highly vocal about their love for Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, sparking the term "Grime for Corbyn". JME even met with Corbyn in person this week to discuss why "bare" young people don't vote.

Now Elijah Quashie, aka YouTube's now-infamous Chicken Connoisseur, is the latest to lift the lid on what he thinks of the 67-year-old leftist. In a new interview with Faderthe Chicken Connoisseur discusses the mandem, gentrification, and that he'd vote for Jeremy Corbyn.

(Photo: YouTube/Chicken Connoisseur)

(Photo: YouTube/Chicken Connoisseur)

Known for his YouTube series Pengest Munch, which elevated him to cult internet fame through tongue-in-cheek, culturally relevant reviews and analysis of chicken shops, Quashie isn't a child as was rumoured, but is of voting age at 23-years-old.

When asked if he will be voting in the general election next month, Quashie replied:


"Probably. If I was then [it would be for] Jeremy Corbyn, because he’s one of the few people who makes sense.

"He’s not sneaky, he’s just a regular guy saying, 'It’s dumb spending too much money there, we should spend it here.' It’s all common sense."


Then, when asked if he'd go to a chicken shop with Corbyn, despite his being a vegetarian, Quashie said, "Not sure if he has a local Bossman, but that’s a shout."

"Get a couple wings and chips, and chill," he added.

Now that's an episode of The Pengest Munch episode we'd love to see.

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