Stoners Are Having More Frequent, Better Sex

Looking for a stoner in the pool of prospective dates might not be an immediate choice for non-stoners, but that's probably going to change. A study by condom-makers SKYN reveals those who smoke marijuana daily are having better sex – and more of it.

Stoners are having sex with more partners, as well as having more one night stands, the cheeky things. According to the study, which charted over 500,000 (yes, 500,000) 18 to 34-year-olds, people who smoke daily also have higher sex drives and are more likely to use dating apps – free or paid – than non-smokers.

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Couples who smoke together bang together (Photo: Elite Daily)

A mega 59% of the potheads surveyed claimed to have amazing sex all of the time, whereas only 41% of nonsmokers said the same. Similarly, over 14% of the participants reported having high sex multiple times a day.

There are flaws in the smokey mist, though – the study found stoners are more likely to avoid using contraception. Only 44% of smokers wrapped up, in comparison to 48% of non-smokers. I guess if you've spent all evening rolling joints, the idea of rolling your dick into a condom rolls right out of the window.

While smoking a lot of doob can get you on the path to erectile dysfunction or dry mouth (dry vagina is also legit), there is evidence, albeit inconclusive, that weed can act as an aphrodisiac. Smoking cannabis can send tingling sensations throughout a person's body, and if the flutters make their way downstairs, well, you know what comes next.

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Horny or high?

There are stories of individuals having such a pleasurable bodily experience while high that being in the mood to have an orgasm is almost unavoidable. So are stoner couples are having, like, the best sex ever?

In some aspects, high sex can be better than drunk sex. There's less room for sleepy, sloppy, slurring snogging and the chance for more aware, passionate stoned sex. What's more, when weediquette is on point (coughing after every thrust isn't that hot), daily tokers feel more confidence during sex – a study by stoner dating app High There revealed 59% of smokers self-evaluated their sexual performance as “amazing” or “very good”.

The moral of the story? Stoners are either having bloody good sex or they're pretty convincing bullshitters.

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