This Short Film Documents A Life Dedicated To Repairing Cameras

The film opens to the music of Aphex Twin, focusing in on Gian Luigi Caminati surrounded by the tools of his trade: all kinds of cameras, from every different era: Ikoflex, Rolleicord, Polaroid and an infinite number of Pentax cameras. Carminati, aged 76, has been reparing cameras for 60 years; it's an artisanal trade that requires lots of screwdrivers and a lot of patience. His poetic trade takes place in his atelier in Milan.

He has witnessed the transformation of photography over his six-decade career, he thought at one point that his work would become redundant with the advent of digital photography, yet he continues to work today. His career began during the golden years of the 35mm and highlights monochrome photography as his mode of choice.

"We were deeply touched by all that Gian Luigi had to say to us, about photography and its evolution from a technical, rather than artistic point of view. This two-minute video recounts his life through memory," explains director of Master of Camera David Drills.

It might be a technical point of view that the camera master has to recount, but the poetry of his words is undeniable.


(Screenshot: Master of Camera)

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