If You Really Care About The Environment You'll Stop Doing Coke

Whether you're doing it to improve your health, for ethical reasons or to try and help the environment, embracing a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle is so fetch right now. 

While you may be up for cutting out meat, dairy and certain types of alcohol, one lifestyle which many budding environmentalists have yet to address is their drug habit. 

Yep, if you're ditching bacon and red wine but still are out sniffing coke every Friday night, the whole practise is a bit pointless. 

That's because the cocaine industry is destroying the rainforest and putting vulnerable species at risk of extinction, the Metro reports. 

As part of the farming process to create the charlie you and your mates are partying with, farmers use pesticides which are banned in Colombia.

Then, as the Metro explains:


"Production involves chopping coca leaves and dusting them with lime salt before adding kerosene (that’s the stuff that fuels aeroplanes) or diesel fuel on to them and giving it a good stir. Then it’s heated and filtered and mixed with sulphuric acid and caustic soda.

Once the key element is siphoned off, the rest is dumped in the ground or into surrounding river systems – causing yet more devastation to the local fauna."


This isn't a new discovery, but it's worth considering that if you're really committed to fighting deforestation and slowing the effects of climate change, giving up coke is kind of a deal breaker. 

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