Pizza Hut Is Adding Vegan Cheese To Menus Across The UK

As part of a new experiment Italian-American chain Pizza Hut recently added a new vegan-friendly option to five restaurants across the UK.

Deemed a resounding success, the restaurant franchise was faced with overwhelming demand as vegans around the country voiced their support for the vegan cheese-toppped pies. 

Well today, it looks like there are going to be some happy vegans this Christmas with the announcement that the initiative is now going to be rolled out nationwide.

(Photo: Igor Ovsyannykov/Unsplash)

Starting on Wednesday 29 November, the pizzas, all completely free from animal products, are going to be made available at all 262 UK restaurants. 

The move that has garnered praise from multiple animal defence organisations, including PETA which said via a spokesperson: 


"With a vegan crust, delicious Violife cheese, and a ton of veggie toppings available, Pizza Hut has the opportunity to become a hot spot for people looking to reduce their contribution to animal suffering and environmental destruction as well as to improve their own health."


Head of Pizza Hut communications Gareth Hopley confirmed the move with the short and sweet statement: "Yes, the reports are true."

Dreams really do come true.