Could Louis Theroux Be The Next Prime Minister?

UK politics as we know has been turned on its head since half of the country voted to leave the EU. Theresa May is cluelessly trying to navigate Brexit while holding hands with Donald Trump; Jeremy Corbyn's doing who knows what with declining support; the entire political class is proving those private school fees have gone to waste, as nobody seems to have any idea where Britain is heading next.

And yet, there might just be someone we have in mind that can bring some joy to the nation. As we get even more thirsty for comic relief and a little positivity as we drift into more division, we reckon documentary prince and national treasure Louis Theroux should put on his Downing Street boots and be the next PM. Why? It's our only hope.

(Photo: Reuters/Trudy Barry)

(Photo: Reuters/Trudy Barry)

Okay, so we're obviously kidding – the guy hasn't even responded to our tweets yet. It might only be a pipe dream that we'll one day pay our taxes to the non-fiction revolutionary, but it might be our only hope of a stable nation. (We're also still up for an interview Louis, if you're keen.)

As a stand against what is only a massive let down from our current elected officials, we've launched a very important petition to get people thinking whether our politicians really have it in them to guide us through leaving the EU safely, or whether we should have the country's fave culture king making important decisions for us.

Why Louis?

You shouldn't really be asking this question, but we'll humour you anyway.

He already has a spoof Twitter account

If No Context Louis Theroux doesn't scream 'potential leader of Britain' to you then you're a lost cause, quite frankly.

He takes better selfies than any politician

Selfies are for some reason more important than a lot of things. They're democratic, accessible for all classes and have never received a vote of no confidence.

He's quintessentially British

A whole bunch of leave voters want Britain's ~sovereignty~ back, and who better to reach out and grab it than a man that is so incredibly English it hurts? He's polite, noble, shy and yet socially smart, foppish and has floppy hair. Hello, revolution.

He regularly takes one for the team

Louis has proven time and again that he's willing to put himself, his career and his modesty on the line in the name of journalistic justice. Not only did he appear in a porno for free during the making of one of his Weird Weekends, but he's stripped to compare his body to a body builder, flirted reluctantly with Christine Hamilton and even had his love handles killed for his plastic surgery doc.

He has society at the heart of his work

Along with his in-depth analysis of underrepresented individuals, Theroux often keeps in contact with subjects of his films, like recovering alcoholic Joe Walker who he reunited with this month. This shows that, setting him aside from those currently high up in parliament, the factual film guru has a heart and cares about the people who are most sidelined by politics.

Think of all the weird weekends!

Ever fancied joining Louis on one of his weird weekends? Well that could be a Great British reality if we afforded him the right to rule. We could have public votes on where he goes next, and the country could even be transformed with public holidays throughout. The UK needs a healthy does of weird if we're to make it through Brexit alive.

So, if you want to make the country better and a little brighter, sign and share our petition to get Louis Theroux in the House of Commons. You know what's best for you!

Not just a pretty face. (Photo: Supplied)

A bit nicer than the Boris Johnson equivalent. (Photo: Supplied)

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