Nike Shocks The Fashion World With Its New Bum-Bag Sandals

Being creative means taking risks – but, this time, Nike has potentially gone one step too far. Unveiled as part of its new summer collection, the sportswear company has shocked even the most forward-thinking fashionistas by teaming up two of the most worst trends out there: sliders and bum-bags (or fanny packs). 

While they may not be the most visually appealing footwear, we're not denying that the sliders do have a practical side – we're sure they'll come in very handy for holding your knick-knacks as you lounge by the pool. Nonetheless, let's just hope they'll be limited to poolside use. 

The sandals come in three awful colour varieties: green and blue, black and pink and grey and black. No release date has been given for the moment but you can expect them to go on sale at some point this summer. Consider this a warning.