Masters Of Ink: Kat Alden Conjures Positivity With Contemporary Tattoos

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Twenty-first-century tattooing is a joyful mix of contemporary art and shamanic experiences with new talents from around the world exploring the power of this association every day. Kat Alden is no different.

This 25-year-old tattoo artist living in São Paulo, Brazil, has been practicing various art mediums for 10 years now, from mosaic, collage, embroidery to painting and drawing. Tattoos were added to the list about two years ago after Kat had a chance to apprentice with a friend.

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Besides her passion to experiment with body art, the young artist also eagerly studies tattoo history wanting to learn more about the tattoo background in different cultures. By looking at Alden's designs one could say they borrow a lot from Eastern tattoo aesthetics and tribal studies. However, the artist doesn't really want definitions to stick. She tells Konbini:

"I really do consider myself to be an explorer when it comes to tattoos. I haven't found solutions to most of the questions I have in my mind regarding this subject yet. And so, I'm not in a rush to define my artistic style.

Recently, I started creating content that is more and more related to my personal experience as a post-modern, 21st-century woman but at the same time taking into consideration what was noticed and perpetuated by others before me."

Kat’s contemporary tattoo style is also nourished by her many fine art influences. For example, her background as a mosaicist has shaped her concept of composition, and her particular interest in fashion design also plays a role in the way she chooses the tattoo placements.

An element of ethereal beauty without a doubt, tattoos also have a much deeper meaning as forms of nonverbal communication, according to Kat. She states:

"I think that body modification can genuinely have an effect on someone's self-esteem and, therefore, even change their behavior towards themselves and others."

The Brazilian tattoo artist believes that having a positive outlook on yourself does, indeed, help us perform better. Thus, she practices meditation and studies pranas and chakras, which eventually helps her communicate with clients better and express herself more confidently. Kat explains:

"My main goal as a tattoo artist is to help my clients feel more comfortable in their skin. With my art, I wish to diminish social problems that come from fear, insecurity and lack of self-love."

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A post shared by Katharine Alden (@katalden) on

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