Marc Jacobs and Coca-Cola : The “sparkling” Collaboration

Marc Jacobs has been named Diet Coke Creative Director. “Diet” obviously! The designer will be following in the footsteps of Jean-Paul Gaultier and Karl Lagerfeld. 

Marc Jacobs x Coca-Cola : la collaboration 2013

Marc Jacobs x Coca Cola : an iconic passion

” I feel very privileged to be the new Creative Director of Diet Coke and put my stamp on the 30th anniversary campaign. Diet Coke is an icon… and I love an icon” stated Marc Jacobs.

Marc Jacobs was so happy about that collaboration he even agreed on stripping for the ad campaign! Famous for his overactive imagination and his sense of humour, Marc Jacobs is an obvious choice for this collaboration. The designer really had a blast designing the glass bottles and cans, besides he is wonderfully presented on the promotional ad. Let’s admit it, this Diet Coke Marc Jacobs collaboration is meant to be sparkling.

Though you still have to wait until March in order to look sexy while drinking your Diet Coke. Meanwhile, you can still check out Marc Jacob’s tattoo! Big up for the Sponge Bob tat! Marc Jacobs FTW!

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