Instant Peeping: The Big Brother of Instagram

Instant Peeping is combines and shows all the Instagram pictures taken in five metropolis: Paris, London, New York, Stockholm and Tokyo. This project is impressive but also very voyeuristic. The Internet is watching you!

Notre cliché Instagram témoigne du bon fnctionnement de ce site (Capture d'écran Instant Peeping)

Our very own Instagram picture (Instant Peeping Screenshot)

Are you really sure that your Instagram pictures are only of interest for your friends or your entourage? Well the website Instant Peeping will quickly prove you wrong. This impressive platform is letting you see in real time every pictures posted on Instagram in the city you choose.

In real time live indeed. We made a attempt with Konbini’s French editorial board, which is based in Paris, and it did work. Nearly twelve seconds after taking a picture on the social network owned by Facebook, it appeared under our eyes on Instant Peeping.

Urban sociology or voyeurism?

According to the creators, Instant Peeping

is a project that explores behaviour patterns through data analysis among Instagram users.

With the rise of social media and mobile location services, Instant Peeping acts as a realtime live experiment to generate greater insight into the what, where and when of posting habits.

Some real data is given by the platform such as the most popular tags, locations, filters, most popular hours and days that photos are taken. Consequently, in the Paris data, after the popular and classic #paris and #france, you get other ones that are relevant to the city of love such as #love or #fashion. The importance of this information given by the platform seems very paltry to us but it is apparently satisfying for the creators of what we could call Instagram’s Big Brother.

See the data for yourself.

(Capture d'écran Instant Peeping)

Paris Datas (Instant Peeping Screenshot)

Jonas Stenqvist, who’s looking after the production part of the project told French media Le Nouvel Observateur that the cities chosen are “the most active ones” and that they plan to go further with it and are looking to cover “some events, sports events, festivals and places where people don’t really have access to“. This incredible project however has some limits; indeed, the pictures from private accounts won’t appear on Instant Peeping. You know what you have to do then! 

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