Instagram Account 'Boys With Plants' Makes Gardening Look As Hot As Ever

Instagram account @boyswithplants is exactly what it sounds like: cute boys surrounded by luscious bushes.

By merging two of the most Instagrammable trends, the account has hit a soft spot among social media users and now boasts more than 30K followers. 


While plant porn on social media is nothing new, this IG account is just a small part of the plant-filled lifestyle that is booming among millennials at the moment.

The Washington Post partly credits the start of this sudden outburst and love for greenery to fashion and the runway shows of Marc Jacobs, Marni and Gap, which all featured tropical prints and jungle-like fantasies.

But another factor could actually be loneliness and even the current political climate. Hilton Carter, a plant lover and guru with a 40K following base, told the outlet:


"It’s very cyclical. I think the current cycle has a lot to do with people hunkering down. A houseplant is therapeutic. It gives you something to nurture."


Not to mention that house plants are also cheap, usually low maintenance and have the ability to transform any room. So there you have it: plants are the perfect companions to cater to your millennial woes. 

If you are now feeling the calling to join the green revolution, check out some images below and the hashtags #plantgang#monsteramonday#urbanjungle, and #houseplantclub.

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