This Guy Is Travelling The Globe In A Kilt Playing The Bagpipes

Sometimes scrolling through Instagram you'd be mistaken for thinking that everyone is a travel blogger, posting glorious pictures of their holidays, giving you a serious case of FOMO.

Now traveller and bag-piping enthusiast Ross Jennings has leant a comical flair to his travelogue by globetrotting to some pretty exotic locations, in his kilt to play a tune on his bagpipes.

Starting off his amazing adventure back in 2014, Ross aims to be the first person to play the bagpipes in every country.

Speaking Independent about his envious photos, Jennings explains that so far he's visited 60 countries, some of which the kilt and bagpipes seem entirely out of place in.

From the Great Wall of China to skiing on the slopes of Slovenia, Ross is not only learning about a wealth of other cultures but also sharing the heritage of bagpipes with those who may be unfamiliar.

He told the Independent:


“For some reason whenever I pipe, the bagpipes open up this exchange where people seem to feel more open with me and consequently I'm more open with them. The kilt-bagpipe combo has a brilliant knack of breaking down barriers and getting me in situations that I wouldn't have otherwise been in."


We can imagine a kilt is a perfect icebreaker for finding new friends while travelling abroad. When it comes to the loud sounds made by the pipes, Jennings reports that people in the Middle East enjoy his performances the most.


“Bagpipes supposedly originate in the Middle East so everyone you bump into absolutely loves the sound. Whether they already like the Great Highland Pipes (aka GHB, the most well-known pipes) or whether they love the numerous types of 'Arab Pipes' (Gerba, Jerba or Mezoued) and are familiar with the sound, I've always been welcomed with plenty a ‘YULLA’ and ‘MASHALLAH!’"


To see more of Ross Jennings adventures, visit his Instagram, or his website

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