Feds Are Seizing Martin Shkreli's Wu-Tang Album, Picassos and More

Things aren't going so well for Martin Shkreli, who is more commonly known as the "pharma bro" for jacking up prices of an HIV treatment drug by a whopping 5,000%.

The crook was convicted of security frauds in August of 2017. Besides that, earlier this year a judge ordered Shkreli to be jailed after his creepy Facebook post offering $5,000 for a strand of Hillary Clinton's hair. And now, the prosecutors want him to forfeit $7.4 million including some other assets, such as the one-off Wu-Tang Clan album, a Pablo Picasso painting and more.

Martin Shkreli, aka Pharma Bro (Photo: Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call via Getty Images)

Shkreli, who seems like a guy unable to keep his mouth shut, bragged about buying the Wu-Tang Clan Once Upon a Time in Shaolin album for $2 million. Three months ago, he even listed it on eBay saying he's selling to see if "the world values music nearly as much" as he does.

Alongside the $2 million album, feds also want $5 million in cash, Shkreli's shares of Turing Pharmaceuticals, the Lil Wayne album The Carter V, a Picasso painting and an Enigma machine used during the WWII by codebreakers.

You can read the fill 10-page court filing here. The $7 million sum asked by the prosecutors should "represents a conservative computation of the proceeds Shkreli personally obtained as a result of his three different securities fraud crimes of conviction."

Currently serving time in a jail in Brooklyn, Shkreli is scheduled to be sentenced on January 16, 2018. He faces up to 20 years in prison.