Britons Are More Likely To Believe In Ghosts And Aliens Than In A Creator

In 2016 Britons are still living in an officially Christian country. And yet, only 64% of the population identified themselves as Christians in 2010, and most of them aren't probably going to church every Sunday.

The UK is still - like the rest of the western world - becoming a more and more secularised society every year. According to YouGov, even the self-identified Christians don't necessarily believe there is an actual God.

Following a survey published last weekend "only 41% of Christians say they definitely believe in a Creator while 18% say they do not". Folks calling themselves "christians" are more likely to say so for cultural rather than for religious reasons.

While some doubt the existence of a God in the traditional Christian sense, they do believe in higher powers, including "fate or destiny" (46%°), "an everlasting soul" (36%). As usual, people who want to believe in religion are more into its "friendlier parts." The YouGov analysis reads:


"There is a tendency to believe in the friendlier parts of faith than those which are difficult to contemplate. People who say they are Christian are more likely to definitely believe in heaven (44%) than hell (27%), and more likely to definitely believe in angels (35%) than the devil (24%)." 

What's funnier is British people in general, therefore not affiliated to any religion, believe more in ghosts, aliens and karma than in a Creator. Only slightly more people seem to believe than the existence of a creator is less unlikely than the one of telepathy and psychic powers.
While religion is in decline, the British population seems not be fully disenchanted yet. Perhaps watching so many episodes of Game of Thrones, Penny Dreadful, The X-Files or The Leftovers have triggered a more open-minded view of the world, of the seen and the unseen.
(Survey: YouGov)
(Survey: YouGov)

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