'Breaking Habits' Is A Documentary About Nuns Growing Weed

Premiered at Cannes Festival, Breaking Habits is the weeding-growing nuns documentary that was missing from our lives. Directed by Rob Ryan, the true-story film follows the life of Christine Meeusen, a corporate executive-turned-cannabis-farmer who, after finding out her husband on 17 years was a bigamist, fled with her three children and set out to create a medical marijuana business.

The film tells of how Meeusen then created the persona of Sister Kate and created Sisters of the Valley, a company that employs nuns to make and sell cannabis-based products for medical use. Naturally, however, it hasn't all been smooth sailing for the unconventional business between various run-ins with the local sheriff, black-market thieves and drug cartels.

Last weekend, Sisters Kate and Claire touched down in Cannes to promote the documentary and lock down potential buyers to distribute it. Expected to release to the wider public some time this year, the film is poised for great things. Check out the hilarious trailer just above.