Amy Schumer Says Women Her Age Were 'Raised Under The Illusion Of Equality'

Amy Schumer claims women her age have been "raised under the illusion of equality" but says that her commitment is to galvanise and empower as many people as possible.

The American stand-up comedian and actress is a vocal supporter of the Time's Up Movement but has reached the conclusion that it may take a while for there to be a true gender balance.

I Feel Pretty (Image: Voltage Pictures / STX Films)

Speaking with the Press Association, she said: "I think we were raised under the illusion of equality and until this next generation dies out women are not treated equally and we are not spoken to equally."

Schumer believes women "were lied to about it" because the honest truth of the situation may have been a difficult message to deliver.

"You don't want to tell a little girl 'you are going to someday make 80 cents on the dollar for the same job' [as a man]", she explains. 

"And then I feel selfish even saying that because of how much worse it is for people of colour but we all need to be helping each other to achieve that."

Schumer, who stars in I Feel Pretty as a woman suffering low self-esteem until a head injury makes her think she is incredibly beautiful, also spoke about the amount of criticism that is levelled at her.

"I definitely think that we like to build up women and then tear them down," she explains, "and I think there can be a lot of the left eating itself."

"And at a time when we need to all be really banding together and showing support, we demand such perfection. That, I think, is harmful to people who all have the same common goal.

"I think people can get easily angered, especially by women and are looking to burn them at the stake."

"But I don't take any of that personally, I just know what people think about me is none of my business, they don't know me so I am just going to keep working really hard and do the best I can."

"Sometimes it is hard when you feel like the people you are trying to create work to help are the ones trying to tear you down but that is OK and I'm not going anywhere."

"My whole goal is to empower women and the reason for that is selfish, it's because we need everybody right now."

"We need everybody to be living up to their full potential," she adds.

"You can't do that if you're afraid somebody is going to insult you, you're less likely to raise your hand in class and you're less likely to be active through that fear."

"So I think this movie isn't the answer but I think it's a step in the right direction - and if you're open to it, I think people have had a good time."

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