Following The American Dream With Snaps Of A Raucous Youth

What the American Dream is today is up to speculation. As the US elections edge ever closer, the state of the nation is seemingly up in the air. Wanting to capture America's essence at such a raucous time, UK-based photographer and director Jack Daly set off to California to snap the nation's youth where they're most comfortable.

All photos by Jack Daly

All photos by Jack Daly

Huddling in LA, the desert and Hollywood, Daly utilised his Instagram following to gather willing muses to get in front of the camera. Pissing on Donald Trump's Hollywood star, diving in money-filled pools and seeing McDonald's for its cartoon capitalism are just an idea of Daly's American vision. And although he was snapping strangers, one thing brought photographer and model together: how the new president could affect the lives of everyone.


"The elections have influenced a few as there’s such a massive divide on how ridiculous people think Trump is"


"The artistic and very detached side of me thinks Trump would be hilarious, purely from a photo point of view," he tells us. But the photographer discovered young people in America actually view Trump quite differently to how Brits do. "When I was shooting in the US there wasn’t anywhere near as much ridicule as our media puts on him, he was just another candidate. Who knows maybe he’s actually a really nice guy…"

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