Konbini and Audi have teamed up to crack the code of generation #untaggable

Konbini's Official A To Z Guide To Life As A Millennial

Incorporating anyone born between the years 1982 and 2004, Generation Y is a mixed bag of creativity, digital technology and crippling student debt.

Getting ready to head up the future following Gen X, millennials are a hashtag-toting, ultra-connected people often (unfairly) dubbed as the most narcissistic generation yet. But if there's one thing we're good at, it's moving with the times. The proof: we've developed our own constantly evolving code to help us communicate in the digital age.

Here's an A to Z cheat sheet of the Gen Y slang you need to know.

DAB  (GIF: Samuel Eckert for Konbini)

A is for Apple: No longer just a fruit that keeps the doctor away, 'Apple' is now most commonly used to refer to a company that makes things we can't live without: iPhones and stuff.

B is for Binge watching: Thanks to Netflix and other streaming services, the time when we had to wait a whole week before catching another episode of our fave series is almost over. Progress.

C is for Cats: The true stars of the internet age.

D is for Dab: Haters say it looks like a bad sneeze but they just can't handle our flow.

E is for Emoji: Communicating using actual words? Who has the time?

F is for Freelance: AKA working in your local coffee shop. Pay days often feel very "Bitch Better Have My Money".

G is for GIF: The best image format ever invented. Everyone has at least one GIF specialist in their squad. 

H is for Hip hop: Generation Y's favoured musical genre. Kanye is the 'world's #1 rockstar' after all.

EMOJI  (GIF: Samuel Eckert for Konbini)

I is for It Boy/Girl: Someone who has a lot of followers on social media and is paid to wear clothes or put on make up.

J is for Jaffa cakes: The subject of much debate among millennials (They're cakes, not biscuits. Cakes. The courts say so).

K is for Khloe/Kourtney/Kylie/Kendall/Kardashian: Did we forget someone?

KARDASHIAN (GIF: Samuel Eckert for Konbini)

L is for Likes: Priceless social media currency.

M is for MSN: Three letters to remind us that some millennials are already old.

N is for Nostalgia: As Justin Timberlake once sang, "what goes around comes around" – and boy was he right. Mass delirium prompted by anything relating to the 90s.

O is for Open Space: Generation Y's workplace, for better or worse.

P is for Poke: "Wow she/he loves me, she/he sent me a poke!" This phrase hasn't been heard since 2007. Thank the lord.

Q is for Queen Bey: Long live millennial goddess, Queen Bey!

R is for RT: If your tweet doesn't get at least a thousand of them, you're out.

S is for #SorryNotSorry: A passive aggressive way to say 'fuck you, I'm amazing' via Instagram. 

T is for Tinder: "I feel like scoring tonight, but I can't be arsed to leave the sofa". No longer a problem.

TINDER (GIF: Samuel Eckert for Konbini)

U is for Uberisation: The first trip is free, then you're uberised for life. 

V is for Virtual Reality: Because actual reality is oh so passé.

W Is for WTF: Exclamation of disbelief. Example: "WTF?! My phone's out of battery, I JUST charged it".

X is for X: Kisses sent via social media or text that you don't actually have give IRL. XOXO

Y is for Yolo: You Only Live Once: the perfect excuse to justify any kind of irresponsible act. Useful and dangerous in equal measures.

Z is for Generation Z: The one that'll come after us. Good luck.

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Konbini and Audi have teamed up to crack the code of generation #untaggable