Louis Theroux On Fake Dicks, Punching Nazis, RnB And 'No Context Louis'

Louis Theroux would love to make a documentary about radical Islam, has an untold passion for RnB and finds No Context Louis and fake dicks "very funny" – who would have thought it?

In a Q&A on Reddit, the BBC heartthrob discusses punching Nazis, his scariest moments, his all-time favourite films, what it takes to be a first-class reporter, and his cult-like following.

Louis Theroux on Under The Knife (Image: BBC2)

Louis Theroux on Under The Knife (Image: BBC2)

No Context Louis and his cult-like followers

Responding to a question about the "personality cult" that seems to have formed around him – and whether he finds the t-shirts and cushions with his face on it weird – Louis said: "I like it".

He also claims to find No Context Louis, fan sites that archive scenes from his show taken completely out of context, "very funny". (see Trump, it's cool to laugh at yourself).


(Photo: Twitter)

An untold passion for Hip Hop and RnB

Louis also explains how he likes Hip Hop and RnB "more than people realise" and would love to make a documentary about the controversial musician R. Kelly (which we're sure would be top notch).

But the one subject he fears most is radical Islam. He said he would love to do a documentary on the so-called Islamic State and go to Raqqa, but says he is "too chicken" to do so.

And to be honest, most of his devotees would hate to see him put in such a dangerous situation.

Nervous Louis. Sacred Louis

As for the scariest moment he's experienced filming a documentary, Louis said it has to be auditioning to be a show-person on a Norweigan cruiseliner. (watch the video below)

In terms of physical safety, however, he said this would have been attending a Skinhead music festival in America (for his "Louis and the Nazis" episode).

That said, Louis still doesn't like the idea of punching Nazis. When asked how he thought his neo-Nazi interviewees would respond to the Richard Spencer smackdown, he said:

"I think they'd oppose the punching of their fellow-neo Nazis. But TBH I don't believe in punching neo-Nazis either," he said, "It gives them credibility."

Losing it over fake dicks and how to be a documentarian

Louis is a hard-working professional who claims the only time he lost his composure was when talking with a plastic surgeon who specialises in "phalloplastis" (making fake penises).

"Something about him made me laugh," he said, "But he was okay with it."

Other than that, his documentarian prowess is masterful. The trick is to be "interested and polite," he said, "It's about forming relationships in a very human way".

"I can put myself on the same level as my subject - defuse any 'aloofness' - by diving in, getting naked, rapping, working out as a wrestler etc."

"The downside, I suppose, is that I sometimes get accused of narcissism."

It's also important to be "in character" when reporting, he explains. "When making documentaries I am in the role of a reporter so I am not being the 'me' you would see at home."

Favourite shows and 'My Scientology Movie'

Louis' favourite documentaries are Making a Murderer, the Jinx, the Serial podcasts and OJ: Made in America, a nine-hour film about the OJ Simpson case.

His Reddit AMA was intended to be a discussion about My Scientology Movie, Louis' most recent delve into Scientology, which he says is malicious, in terms of how it treats ex-members.

"The nastiness is unreal," he said.

Scientologists also view journalists in the same respect as "sexual perverts," Louis explains. "We are both 1.1 on the tone scale – speaking as a journalist and pervert."

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