Larry Clark To Sell Vintage Photos At Knockdown Prices In Paris

Upon turning 71 back in 2014, Larry Clark found himself in possession of thousands of one-of-a-kind prints accumulated over years. Faced with the mountain of original work, the prolific artist decided to sell off the photos to the public for the quite reasonable price of £100 a pop. 

At the time, Davis said the budget sale was for "all the kids that come to my shows in their thousands and could never afford ten to fifteen thousand dollars for a print." Taking place in New York then London, the sale was a massive hit pulling in hundreds of happy art lovers.

Armed with the success of the first round, the photographer and director has decided to repeat the experience in Paris. 


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Some of images up for grabs this time were taken during the filming of Kids, Bully, Ken Park and Wassup Rockers; others came from a shoot organised for the Supreme calendar. 

All photos will be sold in 9 x 13 format and new snaps will be offered every day of the sale, leaving your final choice kind of up to fate.

However, while the initiative has good intentions, it's important to point out that few young people have a spare £100 to drop on a single photo. The event is therefore likely to attract collectors more than anyone else.

Still, if you find yourself in the French capital between October 17 and 23, you can drop by the Rue Antoine gallery in the 18th arrondissement to check it out. 

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