Google Unveils Huge Online Frida Kahlo Retrospective

Ahead of the exhibition to be held at London's Victoria and Albert Museum this summer, the work of Frida Kahlo is coming at you from the comfort of your own home. As Forbes reports, Google Arts & Culture has just unveiled its first interactive exhibition, set to be entirely dedicated to the life of the iconic Mexican artist. 

Frida. (Photo: TFM Distribution)

Entitled Faces of Frida, the retrospective, created in collaboration with 33 museums across the world, will include 800 paintings, letters, diary extracts, photographs and other objects from the painter's life. The biggest collection ever dedicated to the artist, the exhibition required an enormous worldwide effort. As Google's Head of Hispanic Communications Jesús Garcia explains:

"Frida's name kept coming up as a top contender when we started to think of what artist would be the best to feature in a retrospective. There's so much of her that was not known and could still be explored from an artistic perspective and life experience."

Presenting an "intimate view of Frida Kahlo's life and loves", Faces of Frida gathers some of Kahlo's most famous paintings, including Henry Ford Hospitalalongside some lesser known works, such as View of New York.

Visitors will also be armed with digital tools to explore the artist's life in greater depth, including an online library of her most important themes and a virtual visit to the 'Blue House' where she spent the majority of her life. A unique initiative, the collection gives new perspective on the creator's fascinating work while also highlighting her continuing influence on contemporary artists. Check it out right here

(Screenshot: Google)

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