From Lemons To Carrots, This Nigerian Artist Turns Food Into Edible Fashion

Not only is DIY cost-effective, it's also really fun and the products made are uniquely you. That is why blogger and jewellery designer, Pamela (Pamazon Warrior) is obsessed with DIY and shows it off on her YouTube channel

She recently started a photo series, RAW, which shows stunning pictures of edible jewellery she made herself! 

Turning food such as blueberries, lemons, tomatoes, aubergines and more into necklaces, bracelets and earrings, Pamela says she wants this series to inspire courage through creativity. Given that she's the creative director of jewellery brand, Lola Ade, it makes sense that she played to her strengths with this series. 

Speaking to Konbini about RAW, Pamela said: 

"My current photo series, RAW, is a love story between natural food and jewellery. It is an exploration and re-imagining of the colours, textures and shapes that we see on a daily basis.

By using unconventional materials to make jewellery, I hope to encourage others to see the beauty and art in everyday objects.

RAW reflects not only the materials I use, but how vulnerable I feel exposing talents I tried to bury. Stop waiting for people to help you. Maybe you’re meant to do it yourself."

You might wonder what the point of edible jewellery is, but beyond the stunning pictures, Pamela aims to inspire people to reach beyond their limitations as she has done. So, not only do you get aesthetically pleasing photos when you visit her page, she also inspires you to be your best self – the millennial dream!

Check out some of the photos right here: 

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