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Images: Colourful African Camouflage

It looks like it should be the cover of the next SBTRKT album, but it’s so much more than that.

Photo by

Photo by Ralph Ziman

Ghosts is the incredible work of South African photographer Ralph Ziman who produced some really exciting and alluring stills earlier this year as part of a personal campaign against the illegal African arms trade.

Published by CNN last week, the photographs depict local African street artists who have managed to get hold of some of the 100 million illegal weapons on the African streets and do something beautiful.

Inspired by traditional African bead art, the hope is that these majestic photos will go viral and draw more attention to the terrible fear of guns that is gripping the cradle of civilization.

The Artist said this:

We started off with a single gun, then six a week, then ten a week. In the end we had over two hundred guns and thousands of rounds of beaded ammunition. It took a whole day for the packers to wrap and stack the guns in boxes and they filled half of a metal shipping container by volume.


Photo by Ralph Ziman


Photo by Ralph Ziman


Photo by Ralph Ziman


Photo by Ralph Ziman

The rest of the collection is available on Ralph’s personal website. It is already so popular that it has been transformed into street art.

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