Bremain Positive: Making A Case For EU Love With Illustrations

This referendum has arguably been not only the most historic, but also the most abusive, often manipulative and consistently monotonous in modern Britain. Luckily, artists and designers have used the opportunity to do what they do best: bring a fresh perspective to an otherwise overwhelming debate.

In times of hostility, uncertainty and general buggarness it's not uncommon for creatives to take to their pens, pencils and brushes in solidarity. It happened after the Paris and Brussels attacks, and it was artists way of showing support. Facing the prospect of us leaving the EU, the internet has been blooming with illustrations urging voters - who took to polls today - to remain. However hard you look, it seems like the Leave supporters don't have such an artistic streak...

Everyone and their mum voting remain has shared their support, from cats to croissant-peddling Parisians, so why not creatives? Great Britain is undeniably a creative hub - the UK currently accounts for 14% of the total EU workforce, with 21% in creative industry jobs - and any way you slice it, a Brexit would deprive the creative industries in one way or another. It's unsurprising then, that a recent survey of the UK's Creative Industries Federation members has shown that 96% are in favour of remaining in the EU.

With the result announced tomorrow, we round up the best illustrations to bring you some hope for the next 24 hours.

Damien Hirst

Brit enfant terrible Damin Hirst sees only butterflies and brightness for the UK's future... definitely a first for a man known to put pills on Christmas trees and dead cows in restaurants.

(Image: Damien Hirst)

(Image: Damien Hirst)

Jon Burgeman

For the official Britiain Stronger In Europe campaign, 14 well-known artists created posters. Jon Burgeman's is probably the most relatable for millennials and their FOMO.

(Image: Jon Burgeman)

Daniel Gray

Head of digital productions studio ustwogames, Daniel Gray referenced their wildly popular game Monument Valley in this GIF. He tweeted: "Monument Valley couldn’t have been made without our EU team members. Help us make great games and ."

(GIF: Daniel Gray)

Tacita Dean

Turner Prize nominee Tacita Dean goes back to basics for full impact.

(Image: Tacita Dean)

(Image: Tacita Dean)



British portrait and fashion photographer Rankin goes straight for the heart - and national pride - with his poster supporting Remain.

(Image: Rankin)

Bob and Roberta Smith

Patrick Brill - better known for his pseudonym Bob and Roberta Smith - turns to his trademark playful lettering, and a heartwarming message. He says of the referendum: ‘The EU has its inspiration in the postwar desire for peace… It benefits business and builds the economic base for prosperity, but beyond that it is fundamentally about peace. We have only got each other, let’s work together. Vote to remain in Europe.’

(Image: Bob and Roberta Smith)

(Image: Bob and Roberta Smith)

Dan Woodger

Oi, cheeky!

(Image: Dan Woodger)

Harry O'Brein

Harry O’Brien made this flag and poster design for EU-UK (an online pool of artworks and events surrounding the referendum). As you can see, he wasn't the only one to bank on sexual innuendos.

(Image: Harry O'Brein)

Brexit & Chill

And then there’s Brexit & Chill, an Insta dedicated to all referendum-related woes and musings.

Veronica Dearly

Another Instagram account full of referendum fun is Veronica Dearly's, whose pop-culture and fangirl posts give bring some humour into this otherwise stressful time.

I've got chills about tomorrow #EUref #voteremain #howdoeuknow

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All credit to @jefflebum for this one #howdoeuknow #voteremain #euref

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Joe Prytherch

To finish off, another sexy one: this time from illustrator and Boiler Room art director Joe Prytherch.

(Image: Joe Prytherch)

(Image: Joe Prytherch)

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