Talking Mental Health, Photography And Google With The "Agoraphobic Traveller"

Jacqui Kenny, also known as the Agoraphobic Traveller, has been very busy lately. She has just returned from New York at the launch of her photography exhibition with Google, and is now preparing to start selling her work online. 

Kenny wants to travel the world, but she has agoraphobia which can mean a fear of being in places that are hard to escape from or anxiety leaving the house. So she's found a new way of seeing the world - through Google Maps Street View. Kenny spends hours, days and even weeks wandering the streets of far away places through Google Street View to find beautiful images. She favours remote locations near the equator to find the aesthetic she is looking for, and searches for images with bold, striking colours or shadows. 

Kenny documents her photography on her Instagram account at @Streetview.Portraits. Check it out for yourself!