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Marion Cotillard Makes Music With Metronomy Frontman

For those who’ve seen Marion Cotillard in 2007′s La Vie En Rose, you already know that she can hold a tune, and a rather famous one at that. Now the actress has returned to the recording studio with Metronomy frontman Joseph Mount and Villaine to produce a gorgeous new track, ‘Snapshot in LA’. In collaboration with i-D and Dior.

‘Enter The Game’ sees Marion reclining by the pool decked out in Dior’s autumn/winter 14 collection, her silky vocals accompanied by a soft acoustic guitar melody which gives way to a more atmospheric electronic sound.

As creative collaborations go, the song, the minimalist LA surroundings and the increasingly trippy nature of the video effortlessly come together.

Marion Dior 2

‘Snapshot in LA’, showcased on i-D,  sees the Oscar-winning actress bending the rules of gravity, jumping the full-length of her swimming pool and breaking into a sensual interpretative dance all, in under the beautifully shot gaze of director Eliott Bliss.

Check out the video below. As for new Metronomy material, Mogwai have shared a remix of their latest single ‘The Upsetter’ giving the track a dose of atmospheric, gothic electronics. Listen to it on Metronomy’s Soundcloud here.

Marion Cotillard: Snapshot in LA

Rule Of Three Present: The Disciplines Of Dressing

From the collective Art Comes First comes a series of inspiring videos that explore our relationship with dressing certain parts of our bodies.

Art Comes First founders Sam Lambert and Shaka Maidoh give us an insight into the aesthetics behind dressing well, and how their style influences their other work. The six piece series takes a section of the body at a time, and in chic black and white we see the duo laying out the essential disciplines required to be a dapper gentleman.

Drawing from classic menswear the series is a wonderful example of the craftsmanship that goes into tailoring and creating a suit. You won’t find Lambert or Maidoh in baggy jeans and a t-shirt in this collection of videos, instead they highlight the effectiveness of a good trouser crease and the importance of a turned up trouser leg.

The videos, produced by the creative studio Rule of Three who specialise in video and print based production, have also released a book to accompany the videos, drawing on the ACF approach to styling these different parts of the body.

Sam Lambert and Shaka Maidoh have also been busy collaborating with numerous other creatives for the Return of the Rudeboy exhibition which is currently under-way at Somerset House until August 25.

Part 1- Shoes & Laces

Part 2- Socks & Trousers

Part 3- Belt & Braces

Part 4- Shirt & Ties

Part 5- Suit & Jacket

Part 6- Hat & Glasses

Make A Mental Shopping List From The A/W ’14 Carhartt WIP Lookbook

Carhartt’s Work in Progress (WIP) Autumn/Winter ’14 lookbook is here and boy does it make us want to go shopping. Back with it’s classic, minimalist staples as well as some rather exciting looking outerwear options, the men and women’s collections continue to establish Carhartt as one of the most desirable workwear brands for young professionals.

The video that accompanies the lookbook demonstrates the versatility of the label, with many of the pieces acting in a unisex capacity that allows all kinds of shoppers to wear Carharrt, with items such as the bold leopard shirts either serving as a smart-casual clothing for guys or a preppy yet professional office alternative for women.

Shirts aside, the whole collection has a distinct sports-luxe aesthetic. Teaming sweatshirts, hats and prints with smarter trousers and functional jackets gives the range a broad appeal and will no doubt mean that the collection, which is due out in the next few weeks will certainly be popular.

Check out the lookbook video below and visit the Carhartt site here.

Capture d’écran 2014-07-23 à 10.29.40

Capture d’écran 2014-07-23 à 10.29.26

Capture d’écran 2014-07-23 à 10.28.52

Capture d’écran 2014-07-23 à 10.27.49

Capture d’écran 2014-07-23 à 10.28.35

Capture d’écran 2014-07-23 à 10.28.04

Introducing Barbie Lagerfeld: Complete With Killer Style

One of fashion’s most famous designers, Karl Lagerfeld is about to make waves again when it was announced that he was to get his very own doll, made in his likeness.

Barbie holds a similarly iconic status as the French designer, each with a massive following of devotees. So the combination of the two was bound to happen at some point. The Lagerfeld Barbie will be part of Mattel’s Barbie Collector series, no doubt in tribute in celebration of the collaborations that the designer has worked on with Mattel, like dressing Barbie and Ken in classic monochrome Chanel.

With reportedly over a 100,000 avid Barbie collectors who spend thousands of dollars collecting early vintage editions of Barbie, it seems that there is still a massive demand for the doll, which first hit shelves in 1959. It is thought that the Lagerfeld Barbie is predominantly aimed at this group of collectors, and of course die-hard fashion fans.

In a twist that is only befitting of Monsieur Lagerfeld, the doll will incorporate a more androgynous look, with Karl being constructed with a far more willowy silhouette  than is normally given to male dolls, such as the beefy Ken.

barbie karl

Watch Kenzo’s Spaced Out Lynchian Advert

It only seems natural that one of the most eclectic brands in modern fashion would come up with an advert that looks like the daydream of David Lynch. This seems to have been the case for creative directors Carol Lim and Humberto Leon who in a modern ode to David have teamed up with their regular collaborators Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari (Toilet Paper magazine) to make an especially trippy video.

The director’s dreamlike style, which has inspired the video with references to the red room in Twin Peaks, is  captured not only in the video but in the Fall/Winter 2014 collection, which features mad kaleidoscope patters, cleverly cut shapes and candy coloured outfits. The new advert acts as a massive brand push as it features the Kenzo range of watches, shoes and handbags. Clever eh!

Watch the wacky video below and check out Kenzo’s forward-thinking ad ideas like their gifs here.

Kenzo F W 14

Kenzo 14


Harmony Korine Directs A Trippy Dior Addict Advert

The Spring Breakers director is back with a fantastical fairy land advert for the new Dior Addict campaign. 


With it’s distinct ‘Alice in Wonderland’ feel, model Sasha Luss is transported via a magical mirror into a neon, floral paradise complete with oversized chairs, chandeliers and heart thumping club music courtesy of Die Antwoord.


Creativity is always at it’s maximum in perfume adverts as the audience isn’t able to smell the scent until they buy the product. This often leads to massive, big budget productions for luxury labels. This time Harmony right on the money with his floral but edgy imagining of Dior Addict.

A Sneaky Glimpse At The Nike x Pigalle Collection

The new basketball inspired collaboration between cult Parisian street brand, Pigalle and Nike has been unveiled. 


Featuring scuffed and dyed basketball apparel, street-wear brand Pigalle’s new collaboration with Nike is set to have hipsters and ballers everywhere heading to their stores. Already a well established brand in Paris this will be their first time working together with Nike to produce a collection.

The two have actually worked together before, building a basketball court in Pigalle’s backyard in 2009 in the 18th arrondissement. When Dazed and Confused asked creative director, Stéphane Ashpool why use basketball as inspiration he said that since he’d been playing for over 10 years that it only seemed natural to combine the versatility of basketball apparel with fashion.

“It is the most stylish sport, because it was always mixed up with the whole hip-hop culture. It’s a game that you play quite fast, you have momentum, your body’s quite open and you jump and run. Mixing this with the clothes and the music together, it gives something very interesting.”

The collection goes on sale in just two weeks so make your shopping list now.


Pigalle x Nike 6

Pigalle x Nike 1



Pigalle x Nike 9

All photos by Fabio Paleari for Dazed & Confused


Daft Punk front the Wall Street Journal with Gisele Bündchen

Daft Punk have gone a step further (again). The French house duet is appearing on the front cover of the very serious Wall Street Journal for the November issue, with the world’s highest paid top model Gisele Bündchen.

daft punk

Daft Punk “get lucky” with Gisele Bündchen

Photographed by Terry Richardson

After posing with Milla Jovovich and Karlie Kloss, it is now Gisele Bündchen‘s turn. Sir Bangalter and Sir Homem-Christo are treating themselves right. The robots fronted several high standard fashion magazines, posing with famous models.

Today, the Frenchies are on the front cover of the Wall Street Journal, and photographed by fashion photographer Terry Richardson, who has recently known quite a controversy regarding his behaviour on set. Is this cover symptomatic of the Daft Punk entering the business world?


Martin Scorsese Directs New Dolce & Gabbana Perfume Ad

Martin Scorcese directed the new Dolce & Gabbana campaign for the perfumes “The One” and “The One for Men”. The old-school black and white video (more…)

Rihanna transformed into mesmeric Medusa for GQ UK

For their 25th anniversary special, British GQ chose Rihanna to appear on their cover. For it, the pop icon, posing nude with snakes in place of hair, has transformed into mythical Medusa.


Rihanna for GQ UK, 25th Anniversary Special

Rihanna x GQ : The Medusa Myth

This special 25th Anniversary photoshoot was directed by British artist Damien Hirst, and photographed by Mariano Vivianco. Inspired by the Medusa myth, the cover girl Rihanna is posing nude with snakes or with snakes in place of her hair, and her petrifying stare will turn any onlookers into stone. The special GQ UK November issue will be out on October 31st.

In these very aesthetic pictures, the pop icon is absolutely fascinating; it is once again, a good opportunity for her to pose completely naked for us mere mortals to look.

Translated by Chloe Dufourg