Watch The Video For Big Shaq's 'Mans Not Hot' Follow-Up, 'Man Don't Dance'

For a parody artist, Michael Dappah (aka Big Shaq) is a lot more successful than most of the grime stars he makes fun of. His first single, the hilarious "Mans Not Hot", has over 200 million views on YouTube, and the video for his latest single, "Man Don't Dance", seems set to be just as popular.

On the hilariously unfocused track, Big Shaq raps about how he likes his breakfast ("I like my eggs with the yolk"); starting a relationship with a beautiful girl ("Let's turn you and I to we"); and, most importantly, his disdain for dancing ("Man don't dance").

While "Man Don't Dance" is meant to be a parody, and it definitely succeeds at mocking the behaviour of roadmen, it's also a surprisingly catchy track that's a lot more enjoyable than a ton of the grime releases out right now. 

The hilarious, Daps-directed video starts off with Big Shaq shedding his "Mans Not Hot" persona by finally taking off his puffy jacket. For the rest of the video, he simply refuses to dance, even when surrounded by ballerinas or at the reception of his own wedding.

Watch the pitch-perfect video below: