Watch The Crazy Trailer For 'Maniac', The Mini-Series With Emma Stone And Jonah Hill

We'd been waiting impatiently, but now it's here. The very first trailer for Maniac is finally available, and the very least we can say is that we're super intrigued by this enigmatic series. As well as a five-star cast to die for (Justin Theroux, Jonah Hill and, above all, Emma Stone in the starring role), this upcoming Netflix series boasts a pitch – an adaptation of a Norwegian format – which will seduce the most curious minds.

In Maniac, Jonah Hill and Emma Stone play Owen and Annie, two strangers who become involved for reasons of their own during a deeply mysterious clinical trial. Along with a dozen others, they take part in a strange experiment which, judging by this thrilling trailer, will allow them to experience lives other than their own. 

Don't quite get it? Don't worry, you'll only have to wait until September 21, when the first season will be released in full on Netflix. Everything should become clearer then (or not).