The Trp: "We Want People To Explore, Love, Create, Fuck, Dance"

Bursting onto the music scene in the summer of 2015 with ethereal EP YAHUDA, The Trp (pronounced The Trip) had one aim in mind: to provide a soundtrack for humans "in inter-dimensional travel".

Going on to impress with a very particular brand of experimental music, the trio has unleashed a series of standalone tracks, each boasting its own unique soundscape.

From 'psychedelic RnB' with "Never Learn" to a tale of extraterrestrial love with "Gummy Bears" and even a trippy cover of Frank Ocean's "Nights", the threesome has done it all without revealing the slightest hint of its identity.

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Still determined to protect their anonymity, the Trp is getting ready to touch back down on Planet Earth to bring their mystical sound into 2017.

Announcing their latest adventure with the sensual and introspective "Lavender", recently unveiled by Radio 1, the group is now set to offer up a debut album.

Currently situated somewhere in the fifth dimension, we caught up with the mysterious trio for an intergalactic email interview.

Konbini: So how is life in the fifth dimension?

The Trp: Chill. Tricky but chill, we miss peaches.

Via Twitter you describe "traveling through the galaxy on a roofless blue spaceship". Are you into cosmology?  

Yeah we’re fascinated with space. The expansiveness and mystery.

What makes you so keen to remain anonymous?

There are a few reasons, like detachment from ego [the trio dropped the 'I' in 'Trip' to symbolise the absence of ego]. We see The Trp as a separate entity, its own being.

One reason we share with millions of anonymous artists in the past is that we want people to have a raw connection with the art and music, without distractions of who it was created by. This is especially true today, where it’s so me, me, me...

We heard your musical journey began in a flat in Paris...

We grew up together, and always made music together. But yeah in that Parisian flat, that’s when we realised we had to come together and create The Trp.

In summer 2015 you released your debut EP YAHUDA with Michael "Dos Global" Tousana. How did this collaboration come about?

We met him in New York many years ago, he had just moved there. Back then he’d sell his art on the street from time to time. We walked past him but his art was so dope we had to turn back and speak with him.

From that point we all connected and became good friends. YAHUDA happened organically, we were just creating together casually, then we heard a strong sound from what we made, we decided to create YAHUDA.

YAHUDA was a pretty introspective effort. Did you make a conscious decision to try to trigger reflection among your listeners? 

Yeah but also wonder and expression… we want people to explore, love, create, fuck, dance.

We guess you don't want to be categorised into any specific genres but can you pin down some of your main influences? 

Haha thanks. There are so many influences musically we love from Afrobeat and West African jazz. Fashion influences our art, especially experimental fashion. Psychedelic culture is also an influence, Terrance McKenna is a legend.

Can you explain exactly what you mean when you talk about "transdimensional music"?

Music that’s surreal, exotic and alien but that actually sounds good and cozy. A lot of times experimental music sounds terrible and isn’t as approachable.

Can you describe your creative process. Does everybody have a specific role to carry out? 

When we’re creating we like to set the mood, the environment is important. Favourite [method] would be hanging out with a bunch of good friends and just making music. Love the energy in the room.

As for roles, a cool thing about the band is we share most roles, they all overlap. Vocals, production, songwriting, etc. We’re not siphoning different roles like most bands do.

Last September, you also released your own version of Frank Ocean's "Nights". Did you fall for Blonde as hard as everyone else? 

Blonde was so special when it came out. We loved how Frank didn’t have any drums in your face or wasn’t trying to be commercial with intense trap style beats, like most RnB artists are at his stage in his career.

But our group of friends wanted to go crazy and dance to some songs, especially like "Nights". So we decided to flip it. And people really loved it. Now it’s on the first page in Google when you just search ‘Frank Ocean nights’, so that’s pretty dope.

You unveiled your latest track "Lavender" just a few weeks ago. What does the track mean to you? 

"Lavender" is about home in an alien place.

When we wrote the song, we were imagining two lovers traveling the galaxy then setting up camp on a dusty alien planet, the girl brings out a sprig of lavender, and it brings them back, reminiscing about earth.

What's next for you in 2017?

We’re releasing a bunch of surreal songs. As well as releasing our first solo music video in a few weeks, we are planning a new music video every month for 2017. With our music videos we want to represent all kinds of humans.

Especially those that aren't as represented in mainstream media. Explore all different expressions and relationships. We're starting with the youth, because we're young that's what we're most familiar with. We also want to represent older folks. As we think our society doesn't humanise them enough.

And there's an EP in the works. As well as a few other exciting projects we can't speak about just yet...

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