Danger Mouse Just Dropped Previously Unheard Demo From The Rapture

Danger Mouse did plenty of great things in his life, including producing the second Gorillaz album and Beck's Modern Guilt. In 2006, he also worked on The Rapture's Pieces of the People We Love, giving a more pop vibe to one of the most underrated bands of the century.

Not as iconic as their debut dance-punk LP, and less successful as their final triumph In the Grace of Your Love, the record still had excellent party tracks such as "Calling Me."

Ten years later, and two after the sudden end of the NYC band, Danger Mouse has shared a previously unheard demo titled Every Little Thing. We can get why they didn't use it - maybe that The Servant atmosphere was seen as a bit awkward - but the tune has now a great nostalgia feeling. It's like finding some old photos you never saw be before of a great moment of your life.

Now that LCD Soundsystem is back, perhaps The Rapture - or at least their frontman Luke Jenner - could cook us up something new too.

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