'Stranger Things' Officially Confirmed For A Third Season At Netflix

With a constant stream of announcements to make, it's no wonder that Netflix wanted to make this one a little special. And, after all, we pretty much all expected the news so why not have some fun with it?

After taking to Twitter with a survey asking "Should we make another season of Stranger Things?", the platform soon answered its own question with another pumped up tweet stating: "FOR THE LOVE OF STEVE, DUH! So hold tight baby darts — season 3 is officially happening."

(Photo: Netflix)

We already heard that the Duffer brothers were quietly slogging away on season three which, it has been revealed, may feature the return of divisive character Kali, aka, Eleven's sister, Number 8. 

No doubt she'll be on hand to help Eleven and the Hawkins kids get out of some more bad business from the Upside Down.

With the gang growing up fast, we're guessing that this chapter will be delving into the kids' angsty early teenage years à la Harry Potter. As Matt Duffer recently explained of the cast's evolution:

"We are leaning into it. I love the fact that they’re going through adolescence. It is a very dramatic part of your life, and drama is good! So I think it’s good it forces the show to evolve."

Personally, we're just hoping to see more delightful moments between Steven and Dustin as their bromance blossoms. 

Of course we have no idea when the next season of Stranger Things will be released yet but we're hoping for some time in late 2018.