Stranger Things' Steve & Dustin's IRL Bromance Is Almost Too Much

Fans of Stranger Things were treated to an unexpected (but very welcome) change in Steve Harrington across season two. Much more chilled and a little less cool, the former tough guy became, well, just a little bit nicer – even as he lost his first love Nancy to sworn enemy Jonathan Byers.  

One of the best symptoms – or perhaps cause – of this character evolution was his budding friendship with Dustin, aka the funniest kid in Hawkins. Today, Joe Keery, who plays Steve in the show, has spoken out about his hilarious and touching subplot with the young actor. 

(Screenshot: Netflix)

Much to our delight, it looks as though he's actually as attached to Gaten Matarazzo IRL as Steve is to Dustin. As Kerry admitted to Entertainment Weekly:

"He’s better than me. I’ve primarily worked with actors the same age as me for the past four years, so working with somebody who is 10 years younger than me, you learn a whole different set of skills."

Going on to talk about a potential reconciliation with Nancy, Keery revealed that he didn't see it happening, but that Steve loves her so much he can see that Jonathan is a better match for her. Basically, he's a complete sweetheart. 

If you've fallen for the Joe Keery charm, you can catch him in Molly’s Game, starring Jessica Chastain and set for release on January 1 2018