Season 9 Of 'Shameless' Will Be Longer (But There's A Twist)

When we're offered a more substantial dose of Shameless, we just can't say no. Whereas previous seasons of the Showtime series featured a dozen episodes, Season 9 will contain no less than 14! But don't start dancing for joy just yet... This new XL release will be divided into two, with the first half broadcast from September 9, and the second held back until January 20 2019. 

© Showtime

Officially announced at a panel and reported by Deadline, this change in broadcasting method hasn't really been explained by either the series team or the network boss. Season 9 of Shameless is currently still filming, with the team no doubt working on the second part set aside for the winter. 

Gary Levine, programming chief at Showtime, spoke out about the future of the Gallaghers in the long term, and we can report that the future's looking rosy for them. "Our feeling is that the Gallaghers can live on…, I don’t mind having them on the air for years to come", he declared, before adding that it would be up to the series' executive producers, as well as William H. Macy and Emmy Rossum, who have starred in the series since its launch, to decide when it would come to an end.