'Resident Evil' Reboot Could Take The Form Of A Series

Director Paul W.S. Anderson didn't please everyone with his Resident Evil movie series– least of all players of the original games. Still, in financial terms, the survival horror adaptation smashed it. With six full-length features, the franchise brought in $1.2 billion at the box office for a production budget of 'just' $290 million, earning it a place in the Guinness Book of Records. No surprise, then, that Constantin Film is keen to continue the series – in any form possible.

(Image: Constantin Film)

The only issue is that Paul W.S. Anderson (and Milla Jovovich) dropped out of the movie universe following The Final Chapter in 2016, to concentrate on new adaptation Monster Hunter. Leaving the franchise in limbo, the production company is now considering a total reboot of Resident Evil as a series. 

Speaking to Variety at Cannes Festival Constantin head Martin Moszkowicz said the company was "still working on it creatively." He continued: "For us, the main thing is to get it right creatively so people don’t think it’s more of the same. That’s what it’s all about these days, a fresh, different approach."

Moszkowicz then went on to confirm that after ten years of loyal service, Paul W.S. Anderson would definitely not be returning to direct. For the moment, Constantin hasn't made any official decision concerning a remake, but the company could well follow the same path as Blumhouse with its American Nightmare series resurrection. For those of you who prefer to wait for the game, the eighth chapter of Resident Evil has been in the works at Capcom since 2017.