Redhead Emojis Are Coming To Your Phone By 2018

It seems that we rely more and more nowadays on emojis to help us express just what we mean when we're messaging people.

From sharing all our fave foods, to sending just the right laughing face emoji, there has been one group which has been marginalised for some time now, and that's redheads.

Newsbeat reports that Jeremy Burge of Emojipedia has tweeted that the new potential emojis will include redheads, white haired and bald emojis.

According to the tweets it seems that a range of hairstyles are being modelled after actors such as Kit Harington, Jessica Chastain and singer Ed Sheeran.

The tweets also indicate that the new skin tones and hair colours will be available in an update by 2018. Also this will be a cause for celebration for the 21, 000 people who signed the campaign to have red heads introduced.

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