'Lord Of The Rings' TV Series Will Reportedly Follow Young Aragon

A few months ago, Amazon announced plans for a series adaptation of J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings novels. Today, it has emerged that the TV remake could be focused on the life of young Aragon, the character played by Viggo Mortensen in Peter Jackson's film trilogy.

(Photo: New Line Cinema)

Despite the considerable length of the three films, the trilogy never had the time to explore Aragon's past in any great depth. It was Twitter account The One Ring that first dished up the rumour that has since been shared by multiple publications, including Slash Film. While Amazon has yet to comment on the exciting possibility, it's not that far-fetched considering the platform was set to visit the years before the Lord of the Rings

This adventure into the past of Middle Earth would allow the series to stretch out the mythology of the famous trilogy, while also exploring new corners of it. Just for starters, we'd like to see an exploration of the kingdom of Arnor, Aragon's arrival among the Dúnedain and the start of his friendship with Gandalf. Basically, there's a lot to work with – especially considering Aragon was said to be about 87 years old at the time of the events of the Lord of the Rings.

As Slash Film points out, the reports specifies that only season one is set to focus on Aragon, suggesting that future seasons could centre around another character in an anthology-style approach. As a reminder, the platform has already signed up for at least five seasons.  

While Ian McKellen has said he'd be interested in reprising his role as the wizard, it'd be pretty tricky for Viggo Mortensen to play the part of a young Aragon (given that he's almost 60 years old). With Peter Jackson reportedly in negotiations to join the series, it looks as though the platform's priority will be finding a new cast to live up to the original, as well as a showrunner to give life to the vast universe. Good luck...