Why Kiss Member Gene Simmons Thinks Donald Trump Is 'Good For The Political System'

Kiss, the infamous hard rock group, have always been more known for their show qualities than for their music itself. Pure product of the American entertainment, the band fully belongs to the consumerist world, putting more effort in their appearances than in their art.

Now aged 67, founding member Gene Simmons might know quite a lot how the entertainment world functions, and that the US political scene is extremely close to it. This is then not really surprising that the rockstar find qualities to Donald Trump.

(Photo: Kevin Winter)

(Photo: Kevin Winter)

In an interview to Rolling Stone, the bass player praised the fact the Republican candidate was basically "speaking true." He said:


 "He has no speechwriters, no editing, no nothing. He's actually on tape going 'motherfucker.' You cannot turn away."


It's true that Donald Trump doesn't seem to think much when he talks. Like if there was no filter between his brain and his mouth. But according to Gene Simmons, his lack of control would be a benefit for the US politics:


"He has said some very vile, unkind things. But don't kid yourself. He speaks off the cuff, and what you see is what you get. And he'll double down. If you ask him about building a wall [between the U.S. and Mexico] he'll say, 'Fuck you, I'm going to make it 10 feet higher, just because you asked me.' He's not there to be your friend. [...]

He's good for the political system. The middle, the centrists, they can say, 'What do you think of this?' because everybody is sick and tired of being politically correct. Secretly, tens of millions, perhaps 100 million people may actually have some positive feelings about a wall." 


While Simmons admitted that he thought that "wall work", he assures he doesn't agree with what Donald Trump usually says. Basically, what he likes about the most about businessman is his freedom, and somehow his punkness.


 "Trump is not a politician. He does not need your money, and he will speak his mind, God damn it, whether you like it or not. And he has no problem saying 'Fuck off.'"

The best moment of the interview remains when the Kiss man assures Trump was "bound to happen" in what he calls the "Age of Kardashian".  Which is both true and brilliant. Trump is basically the shiny and tacky side of what Barack Obama was for the Democrats 8 years ago.

Both are showmen, they're just not targeting the same audience. If Donald Trump doesn't get elected, he could be considered as good for the US political system indeed, as a warning of what could become even worse in the future. Like being at a Kiss concert everyday.

(Photo: AP)

(Photo: AP)

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