Jordan Peele Answers Our Biggest 'Get Out' Questions and Fan Theories

Get Out is still one of the most socially conscious movies of 2017, if not ever. It was released in February but has remained a part of the cultural conversation throughout the year, and is now emerging as an Oscar frontrunner as we head into awards season.

This is rare for any movie, let alone a horror movie and filmmaking debut from Key and Peele‘s Jordan Peele. It has already been nominated for a Golden Globe – even if it is competing as a comedy (hmm..?) – and was one of the most profitable films of the year.

Jordan Peele (Photo: Universal Pictures)

With the awards push in mind, Jordan Peele is now back on the media circuit and in a great new video from Vanity Fair, he is confirming and/or debunking several Get Out conspiracy theories. Besides that, it makes sense to answer some lingering questions from the movie, since a sequel could actually be happening.

Some of the theories were intentional, but most are just coincidence. The theories were pulled from Reddit, and many of them are common ones that you've heard of or noticed, if you've seen the film, such as:

Why did all the black people wear hats? Why did the grandfather character keep running? Why did Rose eat her fruit loops without the milk? Is it because she didn't want color mixing with white? Is the whole movie a figment of Rod's (Lil Rey Howery) – TSA agent – imagination?

(Photo: Blumhouse)

Peele answers all these questions and more in the 10-minute theory break down. If, like us, you’ve been engaging in the analysis of Get Out over the last few months, enjoy the satisfaction of getting some answers, and if you haven’t, get ready to learn some impressive script details you probably didn’t notice.

Watch the video below and see which theories you're right – or wrong – about:

Tech and politics. Is there even a difference between the two?