It's Official, 'Game of Thrones' Will Release Season 7 This July

We've been patiently waiting for a while now, navigating between rumours let slip by the cast, and fake posters, it seemed as if the much awaited 7th season would never come.

But now it's official, Game of Thrones will return to our screens on 16 July on HBO. The reason for the delayed start date is due to unfavourable weather conditions: Winter certainly was not coming for way too long.

For those who were starting to get upset with show runners D.B. Weiss and David Benioff have to admit that they might have taken their time, but they didn't do things by halves. They created this Facebook reveal with a 20-minute count down with a melting block of ice to reveal the much-awaited air date. This was followed with a teaser where, wait for it, the catchphrase "winter is coming" seems to have been replaced with "the great war is here."

So now all we can do is wait, in the hope that soon the first images from the next seven episodes will start trickling through. HBO is also due to release an official trailer revealing more on the action to come.

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