Interactive Map Shows Most Popular Songs Around The Globe

Enjoying world music can be one of the smallest, yet most impactful, gifts of life, allowing us to see and understand areas of the world from a distance. In this same way enjoying film, food and all other cultural attributes of a space, music can teach us about others and ourselves.

A new data project from stat aficionados The Pudding has put this notion to the test by constructing an interactive map showing the most popular songs around the globe; spoiler alert, we've been sleeping on Russian bops.

The map, which presents No. 1 songs based on Youtube plays from December of 2017 of over 3,000 cities, is an unmatched tool capable of showcasing the various sounds worth listening to from cities in Russia, Mexico, Korea and beyond. 

Worth noting, this is the same group who brought us  “The Largest Vocabulary in Hip Hop,” “How Music Taste Evolved” and “Are Pop Lyrics Getting More Repetitive?” so they've got their finger on music's pulse. Enjoy their latest project by checking out the map here, and enjoy some of our favorite finds below.