This Instagram Page Is Entirely Dedicated To Weird Toilet Paper

Tastes and passions differ so much from person to person that the obsession of one individual may seem absurd to another. Luckily, there's Instagram, giving everyone the chance to express themselves however they damn well please. 

As a result a whole bunch of very niche pages have emerged in recent years, including one featuring clothing labels and another in honour of public transport seat patterns (?) Now, joining the latest round-up of out-there Instas, is one page entirely dedicated to toilet paper.

Doing exactly as its name suggests, @toiletpapersmagazine shares photos of the most wacky toilet roll it can find. And as it turns out, there's more unusual TP out there than you might expect, with everything from Donald Trump's face to glittery rainbow patterns making an appearance. Most surprising of all, however, is that the page has gathered over 6,000 followers and counting. 

In reality, the account was started by the creators of the actual Toilet Paper Magazine, Italian artists Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari. While the actual magazine covers much more than toilet paper, the duo thought it'd be fun to create a literal version of their title. We'll let you admire some of the oddest additions below.