Enjoy Gentle Friendly’s Exclusive Early Mix

TGIF and to help you get through this endless morning, enjoy the exclusive Gentle Friendly’s early mixtape that reunites their various influences from the pop queen Kate Bush to the classical Maurice Ravel, including birds recording. Listen to their midday mixtape on Loud and Quiet.

Gentle Friendly - Early Music mix by Gentlegentle on Mixcloud

Gentle Friendly are releasing a new LP  June 9th on FatCat records named ‘KAUA’I O’O A’A’. The whole album is already available on stream. Formed in 2008 by David Maurice and Richard Mamber, the London-based duo released its first critical acclaimed LP ‘Ride Slow ‘ on the London DIY label Upset the Rhythm in 2009 and split a 12” EP with Dustin Wong in 2011 on FatCat’s lil bro Palmist records.

The Gentle Friendly have a punchy, fresh and energetic sound. From their home studio (which they call The Deep House) they create rich, soulful tunes. The songs on their album switch between upbeat drums and mellow pops synth. Think animal collective, but more English!


On their first release over two years, the band says :

“The twelve songs on this record are about a lot of things, but they are mostly collective love songs and songs about the weather. Some of them are also about skinhead girl gangs, circular time, arson… One thing we were thinking about was translation, how music from Chicago, Detroit and elsewhere could make sense in terms of this primitive broken-down set of instruments we have – two punks in an ex-industrial building hundreds and thousands of miles away hearing those sounds and trying to make sense of it in a different way.”

The title KAUA’I O’O A’A comes from the now extinct Hawaiian bird, that has a super sad declination story: In 1981 just a single pair remained but the female was lost in Hurricane Iwa in ‘82 and the sole remaining male’s hollow, haunting, flute-like calls were last heard in 1987. The band felt the title “seemed perfect for the record. It looks good and feels good to say.” The last known field recording of the species – a mating call by that last remaining male appears on ’18 Wave Crash’. “Our record is nowhere near that sad but the story seemed to resonate somehow.”

The band will be playing in London June 7th at The Old Blue Last, June 8th at The Hare & Hounds in Birmingham and will be back to London the August 30th at Baba Yaga’s Hut’s Raw Power Weekender.

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