BBC Earth Has Been Quietly Uploading 10-Hour Loops Of Blissful 'Planet Earth' Footage

Audiophiles, ASMR fans and Planet Earth enthusiasts, your day just got a whole lot better. Because it turns out, BBC Earth has been uploading ten-hour loops of bliss-filled footage from the show. 

For the past few months, their YouTube channel has been rolling out the peaceful clips one by one, giving us all the chance to plunge from the icy highs of some of the world's tallest peaks right down to the dewy depths of the South American jungle. 

We've been treated to Jungle, Islands, Deserts and Mountains, with the BBC planning to release another two via its Earth Unplugged YouTube page.

Uploaded as part of the Real Happiness Project, the clips team stunning visuals with gorgeous, natural sounds all with the simple aim of making us happy.

They're also the perfect remedy for tuning out on the commute or cancelling out your noisy co-workers. Check them all out below. (Just between us, the Desert clip definitely has the best soundtrack. You're welcome.)

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