'Game Of Thrones' Fans Can't Stop Trolling The iPhone X With Arya Stark Jokes

Highly anticipated by Apple nerds everywhere, Tim Cook's keynote speech this week finally unveiled the newest star on the smartphone scene: the iPhone X

Announced to celebrate ten years of the brand's iconic phones, the new gadget comes equipped with an exciting new function: Face ID, a facial recognition system set to make fingerprint authentication obsolete. 

Claiming that the odds of someone else being able to unlock your phone are about a million to one, Apple's new Face ID won't be fooled by a simple picture of your face. Nope, you'll need to be bang in front of the camera for the function to work making it much more secure than the old Touch ID system. 

But for Game of Thrones fans, there is one person for whom Face ID won't be an issue: face-swapping Arya Stark. After spending the whole of season five in training with the Faceless Men, she can now adopt the face of anyone she wishes. 

At the start of season seven, for example, she managed to fool the whole Frey house by slapping on Lord Walder's face and reeling off a speech... before taking off her mask and killing everyone. 

Of course it didn't take long for fans of the fantasy series to make the connection leading to a mad rush for everyone to make the same joke. Thanks, internet.